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Oral presentations

The oral presentation will be Online live.


Presentation Style Presentation Time Q & A Note
Online live 15 min Real-time Q&A

The joint meeting is scheduled from 9:00 to 18:00

in Bulgarian Time.


Online live lectures will be conducted on Zoom



Poster presentations

Poster presentation is digital in the 7th Eurosummer School on Biorheology & Symposium on Micro and Nano Mechanics and Mechanobiology of Cells, Tissues and Systems (BIORHEO2021),


In the 7th Eurosummer School on Biorheology & Symposium on Micro and Nano Mechanics and Mechanobiology of Cells, Tissues and Systems (BIORHEO2021), poster presentation is digital to keep social distancing and to limit occupancy of participants. Participants can make a single slide electronic poster (ePoster) with narration to present their work on poster session as an example attached here. However, the scientific program committee plans the ePoster competition and best ePoster awards! So welcome to the ePoster submission site. Safety and health of all participants are the top priority. Thank you for generous consideration and understanding.


What is an ePoster?

An ePoster is a digital presentation of scientific research that is presented in conference and meeting. However, presenter does not have to print a poster and stick it on a wall. Instead, presenter can make an ePoster electronically by using several programs with your narration included. Presenter can enjoy remote presentation, and we are making an ePoster gallery on the virtual platform for poster discussion with participants just like actual poster networking session.


How to make an ePoster

It is simple to make an ePoster. Presenter has a variety of programs, i.e., Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Open Office Software, Apple Keynote, Adobe Photoshop, and so on. Here, we would like to use Microsoft PowerPoint in a single slide manner. An example is attached. ePoster framework should be landscape orientation. Title, presenters and affiliation should be placed at the top middle part. Abstract should be located at the upper left side. Presentation should be started by Introduction or Background, which should be followed by Methods or Subjects in human study. Results should be placed in the central area of a single slide. Discussion is good when space permitted. Conclusion should be clear, concise and positioned at the right side of the poster. Reference strengthening the poster presentation is good if space exists. Acknowledgement is desirable, and disclosure of conflict of interest (COI) is essential. Theorem and Appendix are welcome in the biomedical, biophysical or in silico study area.


Presentation time: 10 minutes or less


How to add narration to a PowerPoint presentation

Oral explanation for your ePoster content should be included in the PowerPoint. When you want to add your narration to your PowerPoint presentation, you can record your voice by using a microphone-connected PC. To record your voice, first open your PowerPoint where ePoster is contained. Click Insert > Audio > Record Audio to start your narration. Then you find the small Record Sound window in the middle of the screen. If you are ready to start narration, press the record button (red). Once you finished the recording press the stop button. The audio file will soon appear as a small speaker icon. You can play your narration by pressing the play button. Your narration for ePoster should be less than 20 min.


How to delete audio from a PowerPoint presentation

You can delete small speaker icon in the middle of PowerPoint screen when you don’t like your recording or you want to replace it.


Submission of ePoster

The details for submission will be announced to authors.